Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 14

Blog sheet Week 14:
This week’s blog sheet will be as group.
Your blogsheet 14 tasks:
1.      Video of your RG group setup.

Video 1. Explanation of group set up


      Group set up:
       Matt’s RG will be the starter of the whole class and it will end up with light on the LED. The LED light’s signal will be Yao’s set up’s trigger, after the LED on, Yao’s motor will start to spin and then drag two magnets to each other. The attractive force between two magnets will become the trigger for the next group. That’s how our RG set ups connected.

Figure 1. Yao's circuit

Figure 2. Track of motor

Figure 3. Matthew's circuit

2.     Video of your RG group in action

a.     Failed attempt

Video 2. Failure Attempt

      Batman should go down after the flash light signal, but it failed.

b.     Successful attempt

Video 3. Successful Attempt

The successful attempt shows how the project should run.


  1. I love batman coming down from the ceiling. I haven't gotten to watch your whole setup before and it looks very unique from the common themes happening throughout the class. Good Job!


  2. I noticed that there is no mention of any signal manipulation taking place in Yao's portion circuit this week. Was this just omitted from the blog for brevity's sake, or did you decide to simplify the circuit since last week?

    1. Thanks Kevin, this is Yao.
      I did not simplify my circuit, actually i added some new components to it and i mentioned it in explanation video 1. I am sorry that i did not take closeup to my circuit in the action video 3, but my breadboard was close to the motor and it controlled the motor to spin after the photocell in my circuit triggered. Thanks for your suggestion, I should point out my circuit more clearly.

    2. You're welcome Yao.
      Your setup is one of my favorites in the class, and I think it deserves to be highlighted.

  3. I like how understanding both of you are about your circuits. This is a very complex design and I like how you used a little bit of every component. Very cool.

  4. Everything looks good, I don't see an other problems that could possibly arise. Hopefully it stays that way, at least until after Wednesday. -Andrew

  5. It was really fun to watch your circuits run together, I can't wait to see it all again on Wednesday!

  6. I like how your blog also included pictures of the setup along with the required videos nice job.

  7. I think it was awesome that you implemented the zip line. Not to mention that you can shine a light from a pretty far distance and it triggers the sensor to let Batman fly. It's great how much creativity you put into your setup.

  8. Hi Matt and Yao

    Just logging in to make my final comment for the Semester.
    Let me just start by saying I really enjoyed both portions of your circuit. It was not only visually appealing (as a good Rube Goldberg setup should be), but also probably the most complex circuit in the class.

    On the Batman release portion of the circuit I like how you used the transistor to get the necessary power required to activate your your relay and drive your motor. I also like how you manage to both a 5V and 12V power supply so far from your lab station. As your circuit transitioned into part two, I was also impressed how you manged to chose t us the temp sensor/hairdryer to control the input to your op-amp rather than just controlling it directly with switch Batman flipped, which would have probably been easier, but less fun. Moving on to Yao's Circuit I like how you went above and beyond in your circuit design. Using an oscillator to generate an AC signal just so you could rectify it back into DC was pretty cool by it self, but then choosing to use a series of Capacitors to allow your circuit to run for a set amount of time without having to to integrate a 555 timer was awesome.

    Great Work you two, have a nice summer and I look forward to seeing you next fall.

    1. Thank you so much! Have a great vacation!

  9. I liked this rube goldberg set up alot. Batman kicking off the whole process was a good way to start it. I liked how it switched the hair dryer on to blow at the temp sensor. Have a great summer!

  10. I liked this rube goldberg set up alot. Batman kicking off the whole process was a good way to start it. I liked how it switched the hair dryer on to blow at the temp sensor. Have a great summer!

  11. Yao, I really enjoyed your setup. Especially the use of a half-wave rectifier. I never even considered that for my circuit and I am glad that we had someone who used it. Despite everything that you have it all worked really well on the final day, I liked how your motor always had enough power to pull the magnet and it always triggered the next groups circuit. Very good job!